Writing Competition (General)


The writing competition is a platform for students to be creative with students’ experience and knowledge in producing written piece to convey their own opinions and values. As of current, students are not displaying their potentials in creative writing, and are only writing as required by the university. With this safe and embracing platform, it is hoped that all UK students can share and develop their thoughts, generate dialogues amongst their colleagues and peers, and at the same time nurture students’ creative writing skills.

The writing competition has several objectives, acting as a catalyst to:

  1. Develop and nurture students’ writing skills in a safe and controlled environment,
  2. Be a platform for people to share their written work with others,
  3. Identify good writers amongst students.

In the long term, written works can be analysed and compiled to commemorate the life stories of UK student alumni in order to bring benefits to many others, especially for new and aspiring students.

The writing competition is hoped to run all year long potentially once a month or two months. Prizes will be provided as incentives through BruROSA account, and certificates of participation will be given to all participants.



2.1. Format

For each writing competition, an announcement will be made through BruRosa, detailing the themes and categories for the particular period as well as the prizes to be won. The themes, categories and prizes would vary between periods. However, rules and guidelines are kept consistent.

Participants will send their work online to writing.brurosa@gmail.com along with their participation form containing their details and a disclaimer to state that their work will be kept as BruRosa’s property. The administrator would then compile all documents and anonymise their written work to be given to the judges.


2.2. Rules

Entry implies acceptance of all the rules, and failure to comply may result is disqualification.


  1. Participants are required to fill in the participation form, and send it along with their written work.
  2. For each entry, there will be a £1 participation fees. The fees will go directly into BruRosa’s bank account. (Note: The fees will not go as prize money. Prize money only comes from sponsorship as per Islamic guideline.)
  3. Withdrawals need to be informed in writing/emails. Refund will not be given for withdrawals.
  4. Participants may send an unlimited number of works, but the participation fee will still apply for each work.
  5. Short stories: 1500 words maximum, no minimum, the title is not included in the word count
  6. All entries are judged anonymously; do not include your name on your written piece.


  1. Participants must be a current Bruneian student studying in the UK at the time of submission deadline.
  2. Bruneian Muslims and Bruneians of other faiths and beliefs are encouraged to participate
  3. The organising committee reserve the right to change the eligibility criteria on the condition that prior notice is provided.


  1. Entries can either be in English or Malay
  2. All submissions are made electronically to writing.brurosa@gmail.com
  3. Each written piece need to be minimum font size 12 with 1.5 line spaced, using font style Arial.
  4. The written entry must be saved as either a .doc, .docx, .rtf, .wps, .pdf or .txt file.
  5. Amendments cannot be made to entries after submission.


  1. Acknowledgement of entry and receipt will be given via emails only after payments have been made. Only then will the written work be judged.


  1. Results will be posted on BruROSA website, and winners will be contacted individually.
  2. Final decisions are expected to be finalised one month after submission deadline.


  1. Copyright of each entry remains with the author, but the organiser (BruROSA) will have the unrestricted right to publish any written work submitted in any appropriate platform.


  1. The judges’ decision is final
  2. Judges are unable to comment on individual entries
  3. Panel of judges will comprise of officers and selected students. The organising committee reserves the right to change the panel of judges without notice.
  4. Judging criteria are based on originality, creativity, and presentation style.


  1. Only first place will be given £20. Other participants are given certificate of participation.
  2. Prize money comes from sponsorship and not from registration fees.
  3. The organising committee reserve the right to change the prize on the condition that prior notice is provided.