Welcoming Message

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dear readers!



Jazakumullahu Khair (May Allah bless you) and thank you for sparing your time to enter this website page. BruRosa (Brunei Religious Officers’ Association) was established on the 1st of February 2015, it is an association that will liaise between the Bruneian students in United Kingdom and the Ireland in terms of the religious affairs. This purpose of this website page being made are as follows:

  • To promote the Islamic activities that will be organised by the association throughout your academic years as a Bruneian student studying abroad, mainly in the United Kingdom and EIRE.
  • To post activities (videos and pictures) of the big events such as Kem Motivasi Hijrah and Kem Ibadah and also the activites organised by each respective Brunei Societies throughout United Kingdom and Eire.
  • To advice students having Islamic issues in terms of understanding the akidah or even Fiqh by the help of students’ unit religious officer.
  • Encourage students to write Islamic articles

“Be shy not because you made a lot of sins, but be shy because you

didn’t make a lot of Tawbah”

– Ustaz Muskrisman Safari  bin Haji Mustapha,  Religious Officer of UPP