Aims and Objectives

  1. To act as the liaison between the Bruneian students in United Kingdom and the Ireland, as well as its constituent students’ union (s).
  2. To provide a platform for interaction and social integration amongst the Bruneian students in the United Kingdom and EIRE.
  3. To promote Islamic events that will be held throughout the year to the students studying in United Kingdom and EIRE.
  4. To help Bruneian students in the United Kingdom and EIRE in any issues related to academics as well as religion with the guidance of the current religious officer of the Students’ Unit.
  5. To organise Islamic classes that will be led by the religious officer of the Students’ Unit either by the use of online webcam or live.

Description of the Logo

Mosque: It is a place where Muslims pray in congregation, it symbolize Muslims are brother to one another (one ummah). In the past, mosque is a place where people gather to gain knowledge. Thus, it’s a place where knowledgeable people gather around.


“Rest is found in Jannah” (the banner): We have to realize that this world we are living in is just temporary and the hereafter is permanent. All the good deeds we made in this world are the ones that will help our life in the hereafter. All trials and tribulations we faced this world we have to be steadfast and patience as from the Qur’an surah Baqarah verse 286 “Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope”. The quote is also a form of motivation that, we should work tirelessly to find His Redha and blessings in this world, as by doing that we could find our rest in Jannah (Heaven).


The two flags: Symbolize the relationship bond between Brunei Darussalam and United Kingdom.


The Star (The frame of the logo): It represent our vision, we should have a vision as high as the stars, reach the stars no matter how many challenges we must first have to face before even touching them. A short poem:
Visi kita bukanlah sebarang visi,
Visi kita merupakan bintang di langit,
Visi di dunia visi 2035 yang kita sanjungi,
Visi Jannah adalah visi kekal nanti di akhirat.