A Quantum Connection: Soulmates and Destiny

The study of quantum science and metaphysics are the study of the possibility of things that can exists but not through empirical evidence. Surprisingly quantum science is far more similar to religious texts than they are to science textbooks. It brings up the question of whether there actually is a far more complex meaning to life that was already stated by faith and religion. The Holy Quran are examples of those texts that are undeniably mysterious. We may disprove the idea of God but yet how can we deny the idea of such effect done by these mysterious texts and the prophets that hold them in history. What is peculiarly interesting is the people that specialize in metaphysics do not use the term God for divine consciousness, instead they refer to it as the Universe itself. Most would say its oddly similar, as they believe in the owner of the universe. The article will relate to what quantum science and metaphysical science states that somehow share parallelism with what was stated in texts such as the Holy Qur’an.

A Mysterious Being within Us
There is something weird and fascinating about this being within us that we cannot see or justify by empirical measure. It has attitude towards our own bodies that exists as a never ending war between what is seen and what is not. Some call it a soul, science calls it personality, but nevertheless we know something is there, not proven by science but by feeling, and the very intuition we possess. We can’t justify what this being is by revered scientific articles to make us believe there is presence of something, but it’s the situation where you take a leap of faith to believe as you please. This being inside of us is that entity that tells us to believe not in what you see but what and how you feel. We are not meant to see it but only to feel the ripple it creates through the material world and how the material world itself affects the unseen, our emotional center. Therefore anything that could relate to a “spiritual stimulus” could be thoroughly explained “how” through measurable evidence but that’s as far as science goes…

“We are the witnesses of the universe looking at itself” – Alan Watts

Our bodies that our souls take home to are part of the universe itself. We get sick when it is not taken care of, we go to the bathroom and most importantly we die. It is what makes us limited. The Universe is factually undeniable especially with its harmonious nature with the cosmos and the galaxies but where do we come into play in this? Are we a part of that harmony? consciousness and existence is something very profound that by our quantum bodies we feel as if we are only limited to material. That we are somewhat alien. That we serve some sort of “greater purpose” to the cosmos yet most do not know what it is and most don’t want to find out so they bind themselves to this world where we want time to leave us alone and death never to knock on our door. The Qur’an says something interesting about this:

“Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?” [23:115] The Believers.

Most of what religion teaches is that we were all spiritual beings before and currently having a human experience. And there is also the metaphysical theory that suggest particles that were together before the big bang are unknowingly trying to find each other in the world today. The mystery lies in whether our souls were already created in a way that it is or by the upbringing. However, even then there may be the wisdom that the souls were perfectly designed “for” the life it goes through, but is there really that much wisdom to the universe? It’s simply magnificent to ponder on. The idea that an entity were to split and from the same matter formed into organs that were able to look at the matter itself. It is similar to the phenomena of the atom discovering itself for we are made of atoms ourselves. That should tell that there is definitely some magnificent, intelligent designer responsible and not of “random circumstance”.

“Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” [21.30] The Prophets


Soulmates and the Law of Attraction…
As our material bodies travel with time we give out the energy that we feel within, what we feel inside will tend to represent outwards. It affects how we make decisions and how we see the world in a moment in time. How this plays out with the Law of Attraction is usually the people that like the same things tend to like each other. They pick the same places to go to and eventually meet one another finding so much things in common. They are usually the people we call our soulmates. The moment we live now by how we think the world is will correspond to which people you will eventually meet. If we are only to disconnect from the moment and the people then you will meet the same people that had the same mindset as you in that particular moment. We are not to meet only one particular soul that was destined for us but simply speaking how we represent ourselves we will be given something complementary to it. And here the Qur’an also states so fascinatingly:

“And We created you in pairs” [78:8] The tidings.

The emotions we feel such of love, sadness, happiness, anger, and gratitude are the deciding factor that will lead to an outcome. Meeting the people that we just felt there was something magical to which they made us laugh, blush and love were all felt in a sensation that we are not or we wish that we aren’t limited to this material world. Where intention goes, energy flows to fulfill it. If we are driven by passion and love and own who we are as spiritual beings then the energy that flows will help you attain it. We are not to care of what people think of us as it will only tamper with the flow of the energy.


It’s like the universe has a sense of humor
The energy that protrudes from within will show outwards our body language, and our tongues to which we speak. The essence of fear and the mindset of loss and overthinking are direct results of not knowing what is going to happen to us. And when we hold this mindset that we are destined for failure then the actions we do, the things we say will lead up to the one thing that we were scared of. The universe recognizes the imbalance and seeks to restore it within us and we must let it; work with it not against. What we are scared of will find us to teach us a lesson where we will face it up close to where we can grow and get to the next level of our life. The people that we would think the last persons to be with us became someone we cherish dearly now. And how many other great things have happened unexpectedly in our lives? The universe definitely has a sense of humor…


The effect of intentions in the material world and destiny…
Intentions are the evidence that would support the idea of a soul, we have vessels to what we call our physiological body, and a mind that stores everything we know. However, it is the intention that governs it all. We can choose to use what we know or to simply not care and follow up on our instincts. Two people in the same room can affect each other in different ways as one consciousness meets another. The very existence of another conscious in front of our eyes can determine the outcome or “destination” of the event depending on the intention both possess. We can choose to show love, or to hate and despise each other. One action done will not decide the intentions we had but collective events that occur after the intention was made can make the picture more clear to what we really intended and so forth would affect the people along the way that adds to their mindset of life. Nature will still move on without the intention of man but when man came he conquered and wrote history. Therefore to how intentions effect the world in any way is by the choices we make that will ultimately affect us and other people. The aspirations that we carry in our hearts are known to the universe, or a divine consciousness, so that the playing field is set up for us to be tested and hope that we succeed. We cannot lie to ourselves of the things that set fire to our soul as an ambition. If we really want it then there’s no hiding it from the Universe and it will take rightful action.

“Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried?” [29:2] The Spider



The beautiful secret design of Destiny…
We can never see patterns when looking into the future. Only when we look back can we see the patterns and the footsteps that tell us where we have been and where we may go. The future is invisible because we are yet to create and experience it. The failures and the people we have met, fought, loved, broke were played in a role that was a reflection of what you wanted to get out of this life. If we were able to even have the intention of goodness then it is as if this divine consciousness is wanting something from or for us. If that is the case then what is it that we feel now? Are we able to feel regret? Are we still able to love and carry intentions of good? This is the line which most faith teaches the balance between trusting our efforts and trusting that the universe aspires to fulfill:

“….And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].” [3:159] The Family of Imran.

The magnificent design of destiny was created in a way that it is written but then we are also free to choose the life we want, the people we want to meet, and the end we are ultimately going to come to. The idea of destiny is not to dictate the events that will inevitably happen good or bad but to give hope of one’s future and freedom from one’s past. Destiny does not tamper with the present as it is our test to do. What happened has already happened and couldn’t have happened any other way as our best thinking at the time brought us to where we are now as it was written. Now we are to choose what we want to get out of the outcome. And as we move through life meeting people that will eventually part ways, have served their purpose in developing your character and goals so we are only to be grateful for every experience our souls went through once we leave this material world and onto something greater.

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