Key to Progress : AM to PM – Be Humble

March 7th 2017 marks one week of working for myself. I love Tadabbur ( Reflection on Events) so at Night around 6 PM, I decided to share the advices I got from work on Twitter. It varies from asking questions (Malu bertanya, Sesat perjalanan), being active and Involved, being pro active, and also thinking ahead (If your boss asked you a question and you cannot answer, You are not thinking ahead) etc. but one advice stands above all that 90% of people I spoke to, gave me this particular advice; that is no matter who you are, what you have achieved, and what you went through be humble.

March 7th, 2017 is also the day I lived away from my mother once more. So on that day, I made a lot of mistakes. Living with my mother, my morning started at 5.30 AM, Performed Subuh and breakfast was already prepared in the kitchen.. Finally, left home at 6AM and reached work at 6.50 AM. That day however,without my mother, I woke up at 5.30 AM, performed Subuh and rushed to make and eat breakfast. Finally, left home at 6.30 but reached parking at 6.50 AM.

At that point in time, I parked my car incorrectly and it took me another two tries to correct it. I then reached the registration desk at 7.02 AM where I find the floor was wet and should not be stepped on . Finally, I registered at 7.05 AM and reached the office at 7.07 AM exhaustedly (my reporting time was at 7 AM, so I was actually late) and the manager assistant who was waiting in front of her office saw me and said,

“Kau ane~ Sudah tia kapus-kapus, Masuk inda lagi membagi salam”

Realising my mistake, I stood up, Bowed to everyone and apologised ,

“Minta Maaf semua, Assalamualaikum wrb”

Alhamdulillah, The rest of the day went rather well. Back home from work, I sat and reflected on what happened to me during the day and shared the experience (excluding the mistakes) on Twitter. And that is very much how I ended my day.

8th March, 2017. I woke up and out of the blue, just thought about progress. I said to myself,

“The key to progress is ‘do not be afraid in 2 conditions. making mistakes and asking questions”

Then I thought, I love maths, numbers and formulas. Might as well make this into a formula. so,

“Ask Questions+Learn from mistakes = Major Progress”

Good start I thought. Lets now make it catchy and easier to remember. Let’s try “AM to PM”! and, Let’s try to “learn from correction” because when we learnt from our mistakes, we are actually learning to not doing it again in any possible ways. Then, I got this,

“(A)sk Questions+(M)ake Correction= (P)rogress (M)ade”

I’ve gotten this far so I shall combine the lessons together and make it applicable in every condition if possible. And Alhamdulillah, That’s how Allah lended me the ‘ilm to make out,

“AM to PM – Be Humble
(A)sk Questions+(M)ake Correction= (P)rogress (M)ade; Always be Humble

Wed, 8/3/17, 5.30 AM”

You can apply it in studying too. By asking questions and making mistakes along the way, it helps you to understand more and clear out anything that needs clarifications. It also helps you to progress. And when that happens, be humble.

You can also apply it in friendship and/or getting to know someone. You’ll ask so many questions to see if you have anything in common and vice versa. During this process you’ll make mistakes by doing something that they dislike.

Maybe you love durian but they do not fancy the smell of it. From then on, you will try to avoid it or at least do not consume the King of Fruits in their presence. You enjoy the delicacy and still have a new friend. All in all, results to progress and a new bond. Always remember though, be humble.

Probably the most important application of this formula is in improving yourself and ultimately; your deen. A simple example is learning tajwid. We tend to know how to pronounce an ayat but we do not know why, so we ask from someone who knows.

One of the best way to learn tajwid is to just recite it in front someone who knows. This way, they will correct our mistakes on the spot and we will learn faster and more effectively. Slowly but surely, progress follows. Finally, no matter what, be humble.

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