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Sabar dalam Ujian

  Jam keretaku menunjukkan pukul 1.09 petang. Aku memberhentikan pemanduanku di suatu tempat lalu turun dari kereta yang ku pandu. Aku pandang sekelilingku dan ternampak papan tanda yang tertulis, ‘ Selamat datang ke Pantai …. ‘ “ Huuuhh! “ Aku melepaskan keluhan ku dan ku teruskan langkah kakiku meskipun hatiku terasa berat dengan minda yang […]


The Ambassador

It is 10.27 pm as she sits in front of her laptop. Her mind running with thoughts of the upcoming exams, deadlines, assignments and she constantly worries about it. She misses her family and her friends she said goodbye to yesterday morning in Paddington Station. That pang in her heart because she is homesick, the […]


A Quantum Connection: Soulmates and Destiny

Abstract The study of quantum science and metaphysics are the study of the possibility of things that can exists but not through empirical evidence. Surprisingly quantum science is far more similar to religious texts than they are to science textbooks. It brings up the question of whether there actually is a far more complex meaning […]


Key to Progress : AM to PM – Be Humble

March 7th 2017 marks one week of working for myself. I love Tadabbur ( Reflection on Events) so at Night around 6 PM, I decided to share the advices I got from work on Twitter. It varies from asking questions (Malu bertanya, Sesat perjalanan), being active and Involved, being pro active, and also thinking ahead […]


News and Announcements

Assalamu'alaikum all ✨

In sha Allah, this Saturday on 17th February, BruROSA will be selling AMINAH'S SOTO 🍜 !

🏢 Where?
Brunei Hall

⏰ When?
The time will be from 2:00-5:30pm.

💰 Price?
The price per container will be £2.00

Only LIMITED QUANTITY will be available!!! If you'd like to make an advance booking, please contact at +447452774944 or for more details!
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✨ Assalamua’laikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone! ✨ 📣 BruROSA’s Umrah Team with collaboration of Al-Ansar Travel(formerly known as Nisa Travel) would like to remind you that it’s 2 WEEKS until registration closed! Grab the chance to visit the two holiest cities on earth for just £1000! InshaAllah, it will be your meaningful trip. This trip is open to all 🇧🇳 Bruneian students in the UK and Ireland.

Narrated from Abu Hurairah R.A, Allah’s Messenger S.A.W said, “(The performance of) ‘Umra is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the previous one. And the reward of Al-Hajj Al-Mabrar (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing but paradise.” 🗓 Date: 28th March to 7th April (3 nights in Medina and 7 nights in Mekah).
🛏 Type of accommodation: Quad-occupancy (fixed)
💰Price: £1000

For more details, please refer to the posters!

To register, please go to this link:
Male: goo.gl/forms/eOH79tvVooKVeeyn2
Female: goo.gl/forms/BULHCRmRnZyJVzf72
The deadline of registration is on 11th February 2018.

If you have registered and have not received a confirmation email after few hours from BruROSA please kindly contact one of us or simply email us at brurosatours@gmail.com
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